About Focus

焦点是一家品牌策划设计于一体的综合性设计服务机构,致力于品牌形象设计、品牌包装及推广设计,核心成员来自于头部品牌定位公司和知名设计机构。我们坚持让客户在商业环境下脱颖而出,成为品类焦点的核心理念通过策略分析,提取品牌最具差异化的核心卖点,转化为特有的品牌形象,直击用户心智,进一步占据细分品类 提升客户的品牌价值。

Focus Design is a comprehensive design service agency that provides brand marketing and design service. We are committed to brand visual design, packaging design, and promotion design.Our core members are from leading brand positioning companies and well-known design agencies.Our core concept is “letting our customers stand out from the business environment and become the focus of the category”. Through strategic analysis, we extract the most differentiated core selling points of the brand, transform them into unique brand images, directly hit the points of users, further occupy the sub-categories and enhance customers’ brand value.